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Book Review: The Other Emily by Dean Koontz

The Other Emily by Dean Koontz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

⭑⭑⭑⭑ 4 stars

“When Emily disappeared, the world changed overnight, not just his life, not just his world, but the very world itself, as if the known universe intersected with another that was unknown, and in that quiet collision, an infinite number of subtle changes occurred.”

Ten years ago, Emily disappears on a stormy night on the highway with no witnesses, leaving her phone and wallet in her car. In the present, David Thorne, best selling author and partner of five years to Emily, is still on a man made mission to figure out what happened. Even visiting a serial killer in jail who was known to kidnap women just like Emily. His mission is pulled into focus once more when he meets Maddison, who is identical to Emily, has Emily’s birthmark, her memories, and mannerisms. The mystery and his desperation are emphasised, interlocked in a battle of finding out the truth.

Well, there is one thing that Koontz never lets the reader down on, and that’s his writing. He writes absolutely beautifully. He writes as though the heavens are falling and each word is a gift. It is easy to fall into any of his books, and not be able to get up.

“She was in the highest rank of beauties that inspired stupid men to commit foolish acts and made wiser men despair for their inadequacies.”

Another Koontz quirk lies in his ability to adopt genres as siblings, he writes without boundaries, a bit of horror here or there, some sci-fi peppered in, and bucket fulls of mystery fill this novel. It truly was an awesome read that left me grappling for ideas on how things would pan out.

However, The Other Emily lost a star with the ending. It was too contrived and entirely implausible. I did not like the direction it went and the drama that unfolded, I felt as though the red flags in the story signalling where it was headed were better than the actual ending Koontz went with.

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