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Book Review: From Something Old by Nick Alexander

⭑⭑⭑ 3 stars

Writing has always struck me as the purest expression of thought. You have the time to weigh up every word and you can rewrite bits and move them around. You can look out for things that could get misinterpreted and change them to make sure you’re being clear. You don’t get interrupted, and most importantly, you don’t get angry and say things you don’t mean.

In this book, two unhappily married couples find themselves sharing a holiday villa in Spain, where fate lies in wait to challenge the couples on the ultimate test: compatibility. Both couples are ill-suited and badly timed, and soon the couples are forced to face reality as they realise they should never have settled for their significant other.

Nick Alexander’s writing style is profound with the right amount of engagement. Speech and thought come easily to his characters who serve as three dimensional figures, spearheading the novel and carrying the reader through a tale of marriage.

My overall take on this book is that it is satisfying – staying up to read until 4am satisfying – but also entirely predictable. Please don’t get me wrong, predictability is not a bad thing, as there was such sadness strung throughout this novel that the predictability served as something I could hold onto in the hopes that happy endings would be sought. Predictable was needed for this novel.

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